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[23 May 2004|12:05pm]
I changed my lj, its now at http://www.livejournal.com/~vy427.
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I got into a lab! [08 Sep 2003|09:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The cold I caught has made me really tired for the past couple of days. I'm glad that the weekend was a part of the time i was sick so i had time to nurse myself. I went to the Computer Fair in Pomona and IT WAS SO BIG! There were so many stores, it was so much fun. My dad got stuff to build a computer for Lien.

School is ok, I just need to adjust to my scedule, slowly but its not impossible, i dont like my clases though. I got a lab today, theres just alot of stuff going on that i'm not updating anywhere but I should. I'll try to do that, right now i wanna go to sleep.

night night

well actually im gonna finish this movie and then go to sleep.

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Band Camp 2003 [29 Aug 2003|11:40pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Was great! I have a feeling band will be awesome this year. We need more dedicated low brass members, but we'll see what we can do. I'm playing trombone now, proud to say I can somewhat sightread now also. Field show music is pretty cool...can't wait to see what movements will go with the music. I'm playing baritone for the march :D. Mr. T, our new band director is so kewl. I miss Mr.Carter, but Mr.T is awesome on terms of marching and such, so its all really good. April and I are helping honor band with their performance for the teachers on the 2nd, just learned that Mr.T's gonna play tuba for them, haha its gonna b fun!

Today was fun! We all went to Jeffrey's house to blow up water balloons to get council before they got us...It was Mr. T's idea...hes "wicked" but its so fun...its a nice change and they didnt expect it. :D. All in all, this is going to be a really good band year...i can feel it. I'm gonna ask council if we can have elections for an assistant librarian..seems like they need help in there..i wanna help, but we'll see.

Livejournal..i think im going to use it more because its easier and i have tons of friends on this thing. Im gonna work more on the layout tomorrow. But the layout making is a pain...lol

I am so sleepi, ive been so sleepi, im gonna go to sleep now..good night!

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Updates on me. Also posted on my site.. [23 Aug 2003|11:26pm]
LoL, this is my attempt to update on most of the things have been going on.Ok, band camp started monday and I know am experiencing the pain of sensitive skin once again. Sunburn is itching so much. I was SO close to having a sun burn-free summer. oh well. I LOVE our march "The Gallant Seventh". My part is hard but I'll learn it in no time, its krazy kewl and fun! I love the baritone at school, the one I have at home is blah. It takes more air from me when I play and I can't reach the notes as easily, but its a great warm up/practice so when I play the one at school I can reach higher notes. I also am learning trombone on the side, I'm thinking of playing trombone for pep, its so fun. I hope I can have it by Tuesday, we have our first gig. Mr. Batti invited me to perform on the second as well. I wanna get a marching baritone, rent it buy it anything! I love baritone its now my official instrument...for field show and marching I would really wanna get a marching baritone, its louder and better. When I was surfing the net for info I found out that there was a marching trombone...it has valves, lol. WE starting marching to moor field and back. I dont really like drill downs =/. Everythings ok...just wish to be able to get rid of the sun, these burns hurt.

I GOT A LAB!!! I'm going to be working at Cal State LA, i cant wait!

Vu Linh had live shows this week and people at the site was able to get photos and input! ^_^ Its so kewl. VL 4 L1F3!!!I love it so much.

Shoot, i missed Wild Card again! V_V damn it. I got my scedule, its ok. Biomed, MESA,Eng first, math, physiology,World History H,Band,Spanish.With the lab I hope i'll stll be able to take jazz band...and go to VSA and stuff... ahh its gonna b a crazy year. I also wanna join FBLA. oi...
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yay [20 Aug 2003|08:55pm]
My brothers home! dude i have lots to wanna update about but not enough energy. i'll wait for another time.
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Interesting... [20 Aug 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Nguyen is the #229 most common last name.
0.046% of last names in the US are Nguyen.
Around 115000 US last names are Nguyen

Look up your own at:

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I don't know what to say... [18 Aug 2003|06:33am]
[ mood | depressed ]

My brother is in the hospital. And it scares me to think that if we didnt get him in the time we did his visit might be as bad as last time with the ventilator and stuff. I spent time with him from like 8 something to about 5. And then came home feeling sick. I didnt wanna do anything. I mean i feel so sorry for him. He didnt do anything to deserve this, he was just born with a syndrome. This poor little baby and nurses collecting blood and doing tests and him crying while they do it. And then today since band camp is starting I cant go up there at all. I feel so bad that I cant visit him. And then band camp is also making me nervous. But its not as bad as not being able to go see my brother. I miss him, I want to hold him. I slept at 3 the first night and last night i couldnt sleep. I woke up at like 5 something. And right now I just feel so lost and alone and depressed and i have a headache. I think its too much for me to handle. But i wanna see him today. My dad divided 6 people into 3 shifts to stay at the hostpital is was all planned and everything I didnt have the strengthed to tell him I had band camp my sister had to tell him. I just feel so bad. I wish I could drive and come up there after band camp. And sleep there and drive to band camp in the morning. So thats the main part and then band camp mystifies me. I just needed to vent. It just sucks that when i feel alone the most a close friend is not here for me. A close friend has gotten me so upset that I dont even want to talk to him. I'm misunderstood and judged and I cant let it go. So i'm gonna go through this alone with Leah and my family. I could call her from the hostpital and talk to her. Thanks Leah, it really means alot to me.

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happy happy hyper wackie 4th of July! [04 Jul 2003|11:30pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

How was your July 4th?? hehehe

My room is completely finished, floors are done. I start moving things in tomorrow. Great news isnt it?

The park was soooooooo kewl! It was fun, and then the first part of the firework show was just the beginning but we thought they played it cheap and that was it. However, on the other side there were the "real" fireworks. Those were COMPLETELY awesome!! pretty pretty pretty colors! *_*. Yea,sooo really hyper me. I played with my sister's glow-in-the-dark sticks and made a hairdo on the way back to the car, that was really kewl. I hope you all had a great holiday. i expect to spend tomorrow finishing Hary Potter book, moving in, and shopping. good night all! ^_^

oh yea, hehehhe...my nieghbors are kewl. the new ones that moved in had a huge party, the one hext to that one had lots of fireworks and the one to my other side had many fireworks and i was like...WHOA! and closed the door, there were so many. and its like they were having a competition or something, hehehehhe, it was kewlthey barely stopped mayb an hour ago

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[12 Apr 2003|05:45am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

why am i up so early? i woke up at the same time yesturday and my body aches

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queasy feeling is back [11 Apr 2003|10:08pm]
[ mood | sick ]

my tummi is starting to bother me again...

i work up at 5:30 today because my clock said 6:30 but the tv said it was 6:30..i musthave pressed something. i got up an hour early and my dad woke up 2 hours late...that was interesting

i had a dream about a huge storm an how rain was controlled by this machine that made it seem like the rain was coming from a gun, so the water was in a shape of a big circle and runnning and stuff..and i wake up to a dark, reddish cloudy sky and i got scared...

the morning, i was hyper and the forum was ok..during the forum i started feeling very bad and emotional..i wanted to break down and cry rite there..i talked to my mom about everything when i got home and i feel alot better...itll b ok. leah,apo, and my voice match very nicely...we sang at lunch..hehe those songs were pretty

my brother is so kute! hehehe my daddi bought everyone boeing shirts, hes crazy gonna make everyone go to knotts with boeing shirts on...haha

band banquet tomorrow...i wanna go to the park, need air and time to think...

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vrooshie-ness [10 Apr 2003|09:45pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

im in one of those hyper-happy-but eyes sleepi moods. forum tomorrow.i practiced stuff today, i am prepared! i practiced alot and my lips got numb. x_x. i got a solo for one of our jazz pieces, the FIRST time i was complimented by mr. carter on my flute playing. i love jazz band, a very very effective stress reliever.

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ymca ppl stole my shoes [08 Apr 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i dunnoe what happened, but they are gone

my feet hurt from wearing weird shoes today...i wore my marching shoes after fourth period to avoid pain...i went thinking that they were in my dads car...i was WRONG argh, someone stole them....

but i had a very good day overall...no body could wipe that smile off my face =D

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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee...voooooooooooooooosh [06 Apr 2003|07:41pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

me hyper! listening to vulinh and tailinh..hyper songs...whee!

today, it was mainly bestbuy..kmart...then the YMCA. i went with apo and the rest of my family to the Y, the 2 kids went to swim and the rest went to the conditioning room...i am currently sore =D

spring break has been ok, its going by so fast...theres school tomorrow and daylight saving starts today. im rly tired, gonna go to sleep soon

er...my parents are weird x_x! argh

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me achoo :: vu linh :: dragon swing [06 Apr 2003|01:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]

five minutes ago i had a achoo attack x_x. i hate being sick,i cant find medicine, but the onlee thing that bugs me rite now is my stuffy nose...i feel stronger than the last time i was sick. i am obsessed with exercise and swimming, its a great stress reliever. loud music, whee!

im on my dads colorful computer rite now...i like mine better this one wont let me listen to vu linh! it wont let me listen to ne thing. im using my walkman rite now. =P

hmmm, i think thursday nite i had a wierd dream. theres this one part where like Vu Linh was like a family friend or something and he was in this taxi and my grandma is like 'Looks whos here' and i remember i grabbed "Dau Xanh Vuong Kho Han" tape and ran out to try to get his signature...then i realized while i was running that he doesnt even act in that movie! and when i got the tape back his signature was a picture of a girl and a guy, like a scene from something...which was like really strange. after he was just sitting in the patio area and talking to my relatives and their friends and then i was thinking about how i wanted to go back and get a real autograph adressed to me on like his picture or something...but i dont remember ne thing after that..another part of the dream was strange...i was at the aquarium with my family and it looked wierd and erie, there was this scary cook person showing me what he does for a living and then i thought i heard jr calling and woke up...but it wasnt her...it was something on tv that my sister turned on. oog

yesturday i went to santa ana with family and then to knotts..i have 6 new dvds, me put the titles on later on another entry..this is gonna b a regular thing of me now, its nice to be able to keep track. i wanna ask my cousin to give me money to buy dvds instead of giving me some cd. cds are over 10 dollars sometimes and i can get 2 dvds with 10 dollars, cuz they're onlee 5 bucks! hehe, gotta ask before its too late, i dont care for the cds :p. if you dont know what to get me for my birthday, donate to my dvd fund ^_^ ::wink, wink:: hehehe, j/k....or am i? :p i luv it, luv it, luv it!!! ^_^ vu linh rocks!...phoey i just found out he smokes...details later =/

knotts was ok, not much ppl so we went all over the place...damn jamie i thought the dragon swing looked ok...boy was i wrong...need i say more? i got rly rly scared x_x

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im sick again [03 Apr 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i think lien gave it to me...::sigh:: if im gonna b sick...why not let it b earlier...now i have to suffer this cold with school, well hopefully itll better by then..

when i wrote last nites entry i was rly sad and that feeling is back. i dunnoe what is wrong with me. i get this uncomfortable feeling that makes me wanna cry and i get goosebumps and it becomes really cold and i start turning purple...same thing happened last nite...i dunnoe what it is but it hurts so much...and last nite the feeling went away 10 minutes after i posted, but what is this about? i cant explain...but it hurts
i just want things to go right...

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somethings wrong... [02 Apr 2003|10:38pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

but i cant put my finger on it...it just heart where my heart is and i dunnoe what is wrong. all of a sudden, this pain. its like a wanna cry and let it all out again. i wish i knew what was wrong.i know i care a lot for a person...but how am i gonna make them see? wait till the perfect time i guess. life is ironic...this happens so many times...

...i havent listened to minh tuyet songs in a while...they are sad and makes me feel bad...but it matches my mood sometimes and i would listen...but this time as i listen theres this weird feeling that happens everytime i listen to "Tinh Nong"... a few months ago this was the same song that made me cry out everything inside and let someone know what was wrong...

im not even shure what this is all about, my head hurts

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Cai Luong [01 Apr 2003|07:24pm]
[ mood | weird ]

=p im gonna make a list of all the movies i have ^_^ im bored and i just decided too.


Ganh Cai Trang Nguyen
Tinh Nguoi Kiep Ran
Thai Binh Cong Chua
Anh Hung Nao
Duong Gia Tuong [1&2]
Luoi Guom Sam Hoi
Ruou Tinh
Xa Phu Di Su
Luong Son Ba Chuc Anh Dai (Vu Linh & Phuong Mai)
Tam Da Chau Ngoc Long
Chung Vo Diem [...Mao Doan Tinh Xuat The]
Chung Vo Diem [...Dai Nao Hoi Ky Ban]
Chung Vo Diem [...Mao Doan Tinh Chieu Phu]
Chung Vo Diem Dang Tien [1&2]
Giang Son ca My Nhan
Luu Bi Cau Hon Giang Ta
Dem Hong Lau
Phan Le Hue Loan Phap Truong [1&2]
Tu Tu Dang Khoa
Thap Tam Thai Bao
Mau Nhuom Chien Bao Hong
Do Long Y Thien Kiem [1&2&3&4]


Duong Minh Hoang Duong Quy Phi
Dich Thanh Va Thoai Ba Cong Chua
San Hau
Ma Sieu Bao Phu Thu [Vu Linh & Tai Linh]
Troi Xanh Do Le
Ngai Vang Va Toi Ac
Phi Gao
Dac Ky Tru Vuong
Hoa Buom Ngay Xua
Dau Xanh Vuong Kho Han
Chiec Ho Phu
Long Phung Chau Bao Quoc
Moc Que Anh Dang Cay [Vu Linh & Tai Linh]
Moc Que Anh [Phuong Mai & Kim Tu Long]
Luu Kim Dinh
Thai Hau Duong Van Nga
Tram Trinh An
Hoang Hau 2 Que Huong
Hoang Chau Cac Cac
Thap Nhi Qua Phu
Hau Moc Que Anh
Pham Cong Cuc Hoa
Cong Tu Si Tinh
Ma Sieu Bao Phu Cuu [Vu Luan & Tu Suong]
Luong Son Ba Chuc Anh Dai [Phuong Mai & Huong Lan]
Luong Son Ba Chuc Anh Dai [Manh Quyhn & Phi Nhung]
Chiec Ao Long Phuong
Xu An Bang Qui Phi
Vu An Hong Phi
Noi Oan Hoang Hau [i lost this one, still looking for it]
Cong Chua Thien Kieu
Bach Xa Thanh Xa
Co Xe Doc Ma
Thuy Kieu


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^_^ hyper, but sleepi [31 Mar 2003|10:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Saturday was Pre-MESA day competitions. It was rly fun. Bin joined Leah and I for the webbie design...then when we were done we had alot of time and so we went across the street through the rose garden and to the science center [where ahs is holding the prom this year] it was rly rly fun! we even had time to go to the airplane exibit...heheh ^_^. well actully we went to by space food and went back to usc, then when the event was over we went back to see the exibits. it was a great way to start off spring break.

Sunday, nothing much happened that was too major. ppl wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheeses for dinner. hhehe i didnt realize how small that place really was. im getting better at skeeball. score of 340..thats a first. Oh i remember, i helped my daddi build his new colorful computer...it has lites all over the place :p but i like my ordinary computer thank you. all i want is possibly a mp3 player and a digital camera. But since i have to stay home on thursday and friday i wanna get another dvd if i can. I finished this one today...it was so sad...this whole family who did so much for the kingdom was killed off, and the wife was separated from the husband...it was sad =/.

today- i had an ok morning. a bad afternoon. and a good evening. rememeber when i told ppl i wanted to go to the aquarium like a couple months ago? well...im gonna try to make it happen this week. Bin wanted to go thursday but i have to work and Leah and Tommy would also b busy. I think saturday would b best because then you have sunday to rest...me gotta plan it all out. My dad looked and hes able to get tickets for 4 bucks cheaper, so thats kewl ^_^, i cant wait =D

playing games online with tommy is fun :p Yahoo! Pool! hehe...that was the highlite of my day ^_^

been listening ot alot of music lately =)

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havent updated in a while >> usc keck school of medicine [19 Mar 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | cold ]

hehe, new simple layout...i got sick of the fancy ones [it took to long to load and stuff] i re-opened my site, but didnt update much...so im going back here because its more convenient to update. im gonna make my main site something else =P.

today was MESA mentor/mentee field trip to USC. it was rly fun! hehe i was iffy b4 but it turned out cool. i just wished i knew someone there...it would b better...i felt lonley...other than that it was pretty fun. We looked at pig hearts :p. tomorrow im gonna start the science project...me and apo gonna die -_- grrr procrastination..bad, but how else are we gonna get ne thing done? thats it for today next event is a fundraiser at the bowling place and i get to bring FRIENDS yay! its gonna b fun

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grrr... [09 Feb 2003|03:53pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

double **grr grr**
triple ***grr grr grr***

::sigh:: im just in a messed up mood rite now...blah

i know i havent updated recently, i ono just got bored. i dont even wanna go online much n/e more. chatting-wise, i mean im around looking at webpages, yea...but chatting...when im on its normally with an away message ne ways. its just i dun wanna talk =/

one big thing that happened was the lunar new year parade..it was ok...i barely could hold up the horn at the end where all the ppl i knew were....>_< but whatevers. we got second place. the events after the parade include getting mad at jacky...going in resturant because he wanted to b outside with april and going out the backdoor...i thought about it and called april and told her i was on my way home and not to go inside to look for me. i didnt want her to b looking inside and not finding me. i was just walking and cooling down, i was rly upset because he kep following and april kinda went along with it because he was dragging, but i rly felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave since the beginning the moment he said whatever to me i knew that was the thing that never wanted me to get to know the guy. i can almost say i hate him even thou he apologised its like stabbing and asking for an apology im not like making a big deal out of it to him, but the resent is there. i was just at peace you know, singing while walking wanting to just go home, and april ran after me...we talked it out and went to garden for lunch...it was a horrible new year day >_< damn that bastard!!! ok..ill stop grr

i finished watching all the tapes i bought...actually i watched them several times. hehehehehehehhe!!! ^_^ i wanna go to santa ana to get more...mayb next week i dun feel like it this week, but next week..WHEE!! all ive been doing is going to fan sites and looking around, its like garrett's obsession with the blue man group, but like this is a long obsession everysince i could remember, his obsession was recent. ive also been watching my tapes when done with homeowork and not going online, theres another reason rite there.
and o! i had this one tape rite? tape 1 and 2 were both broken and i wanted to watch them. i played around with number one and got it to work. i completely took apart tape two and found that something was broken, so i opened up one of my uncles tapes that nobody watched and took the parts of that one and fixed tape 2 and another tape. the other one i fixed ended up to be one of the endings to an old movie i never watched the ending b4, cuz it was broken..but i didnt realize it was the one i fixed..so YAY!

i watched Sweet Home Alabama last nite..it was an ok movie..a bit strange but it was ok
i watched Mr.Deeds this morning its also an ok movie but i think the plot was slow

hmm what else has been going on? ehh nothing much...my moods getting better i think im gonna watch more tapes


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